Mental Health Benefit verification from eClaimStatus

eClaimStatus, a powerful provider solution that fetches Mental Health Eligibility & Benefits in real-time any time across 800+ payers. Instant access to this information increases administrative efficiency through decreased phone calls and increased savings

With increased administrative efficiency, your front office staff is more available to interact and focus on patient satisfaction.

Mental Health Eligibility Verification Covers:

  • Coverage Active/Inactive Status
  • Real-time deductible remaining
  • Pre-Cert Requirement info
  • Out of Pocket Stop Clause
  • In/Out of Network benefits
  • Co-insurance percentages
  • Co-pay information
  • PCP Information where applicable
  • Other payer information, for example MCO’s or Medicare replacement plans
  • Plan Info – PPO, HMO, etc.
  • Claims mailing address
  • IPA information
  • Limitations and more


Instant verification leads to identification of accurate patient responsibility and increases your revenue


All this at affordable pricing, to know more contact us at 310 294 9242 or visit our website