Smart Way of Eligibility Verification in Bulk basis

Getting gray hair because of traditional Eligibility Verification method?

Normally, you do Eligibility Verification from insurance portals by providing each of your patient’s details one by one and get the coverage status and benefit details.

eClaimStatus overcomes your monotonous action; save your time, money and increase your efficiency through Bulk Eligibility Verification Method. Your front office staff is more available to interact and focus on your patient’s satisfaction rather than spending time in phone call all over the day to do Insurance Eligibility Verification with payers.


How eClaimStatus save your time and money?

eClaimStatus’s Bulk upload Method enables you to do Eligibility Verification by uploading a single spread sheet consists of multiple payer’s data at a time. If you are a billing company, you may have so many patients from each of your client/hospital to do Eligibility Verification. By simply running report from your Practice Management for all your clients; upload it into eClaimStatus, get the Coverage and benefits in a couple of minutes.

  • Eradicate coverage related Rejections & Denials by routing to right payer
  • Reduce your AR days
  • Increase your Point of Service Collections
  • Reduce patient’s wait time
  • Increase your Cash Flow


Salient Features:

  • Real Time; Any Time Access
  • 100% accuracy
  • 800+ payer connectivity under one roof
  • Save your Time and Money
  • Increase your Efficiency
  • API friendly


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