What is Patient Demographics?

Patient Demographic is the information provided by the patient to the hospitals or medical centers. Physicians’ clinics and hospitals must be extra vigilant in capturing the patient demographics. The vital information works as the core in the medical field, especially for health insurance claims.

The patient demographics data comprises patient-specific information like Name, Age, Gender, Allergies, Previous Medical History, Insurance ID number, SSN, Address, and Contact information.

Patient Demographics

Patient Demographics

Medical practices and hospitals must ensure the patient demographics data is:

Accurate: Accuracy of data is essential as the data forms the basis of claim submissions. A single error or data miss can lead to claim rejection or denial.

Quick: Medical practices that store patient data in a systematic format find it easier and quicker to find submit claims. Medical billing professionals can deeply benefit from patient demographics information that can be retrieved quickly when desired.

Why is Patient Demographics Important?

The medical billing process can be exhausting work when performed manually. The process is tedious and requires utmost care. Submitting claims with inaccurate or outdated information about the patient can lead to a delay in reimbursement of the payment or in worse case denial.

Patient Demographics is not only important for reimbursement but assist the doctor. Critical information like medical history or allergies, help the doctors make the best treatment protocol.

Things to keep in mind for Patient Demographics

Capture with care: The information provided by the patient must be captured with utmost diligence and care. Double-check the information they gave and ensure the accuracy of the information.

Eliminate all possible errors: All the information should be accurate. Look out for possible errors and be vigilant to guard against those. Technology can help alert practices of any errors in demographic data for the patients and quickly correct.

Update at regular intervals: Regularly update the information provided by the patient in the system. Outdated data can make reimbursements difficult.

With eClaim status’ real time eligibility and benefits check, practice can have updated coverage information for each patient demographic at their fingertips. The system highlights and enables practices to correct the patient’s demographic data when required. Seamless process enables by technology can help reduce errors and minimize denials. Get in touch to know more.


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