Medical Insurance Eligibility Verification Software

Medical Insurance Eligibility Verification Software

Front Office Staffs at many healthcare practices have a primary job responsibility to verify Insurance Coverage and manage collecting the patient portion prior to the services being rendered, until recently this process has been manual by

  • Calling the Insurance Company
  • Sending a Fax
  • Log into Multiple web portals
A research says that 30% of the average denials are pertaining to coverage issues. Front office staff do their best to verify benefits but are not provided with any Insurance Verification Software, since a lot of manual process is involved errors tend to happen, these errors are a blockage in revenue generation.

What the Healthcare Practices need to overcome these hurdles is an Insurance Verification Software, Winston Churchill said “Give us the tool and we will finish the job” provide the Front Desk with our Insurance Verification Software and see the guaranteed improvement in just 30 days

  • Enhanced Cash Flow
  • Identify and Address Coverage Issues – Up Front
  • Improved Patient Satisfaction
  • Increased Point of Service Collection

Insurance Verification Details:

Our Insurance Verification Software is fully automated and fetches benefits in real time across 840 payers, this is the Insurance Verification Software that the health care front office staff needs

  • Single Login Access to 840 Payers
  • Co-Pay (PCP & Specialist)
  • Co-Insurance
  • Deductible
  • Auth Requirement
  • Primary Payer Detail
  • Other Payer Details
  • Primary Care Physician Details
  • Service Limitations
  • Plan Exclusions
  • Non-Covered Services and more

Verification Software Highlights:

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • All – in Pricing (Set up, training and support)
  • No Installation or System Updates
  • Complete Set Up within hours
  • Reliable Technology
  • Access from anywhere
  • API Ready
  • No Long term contracts
With our Insurance Verification Software, the front office staff will be free from a large number of day to day vexed issues and will have the time to create a good rapport with the patients and Increase patient satisfaction

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